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** Lose 40-60 lbs. of Body Fat when you get started in the system and become a Biohacker for Life! **

How Does It Work?

Phase 1

In Phase 1 you will be given specialized meal plans that are tailored to your own unique biology. These meal plans will help reduce the inflammation in the body, as well as begin the transition to using your own body fat for energy.

Phase 2

Phase 2 consists of regulating and controlling the fat burning hormones in your body. You will be given specific meal plans that will increase the bodies fat burning capabilities, and suppress the major fat storing hormones in the body.

Phase 3

Phase 3 is where we give you the Advanced Biohacking Principals - After your body has switched metabolic pathways, we give you more advanced biohacking meal plans which will enhance and speed up the weight loss process.

Total weight loss in this program can be anywhere from 30-60 lbs in 3 months.

Real People - Real Results...

Allan Grace Lost 50 Lbs. Of Body Fat!
The Biohack The Fat Body Transformation System is Comprehensive and personalized. There is a lot of misinformation when it comes to losing body fat. Before I started I had a very tough time losing weight and tried countless different methods with no success. The Biohacking coaches make sure that you get the right tools and information to ensure you lose body fat quickly. The Biohacking Coaches are personally committed to helping you achieve long term sustainable weight loss success. I would recommend the Biohack The Fat Body Transformation System to anyone who would like to lose body fat without hesitation.

Allan Grace

Marcel Blais Lost 35 Lbs. Of Body Fat In Only 12 Weeks!
I'm elated! I completed the Biohack The Fat Body Transformation System and lost a total of 35 lbs and 10 inches in total. My belly fat totally shrunk! Before I started in the Biohack The Fat Body Transformation System, I googled Trevor Folgering to see how real this was. I am so glad I decided to jump on this opportunity to get my body back to a nice shape. Trevor and the BioHacking coaches are helping me with meal plans, what to buy, how to prepare it, basically they're making it easy for me to follow. I get daily coaching and support from my Biohacking coach and the others members that are in the BioHack The Fat Body Transformation System. Thank you to Trevor and the entire BioHacking Team!

Marcel Blais

** Lose 40-60 lbs. of Body Fat when you get started in the system and become a Biohacker for Life! **

Biohack The Fat Success Transformation Stories

Steve Sulea

"Why pay for pills, shakes, etc month after month when you can follow a program and be educated for life! The BioHack The Fat Body Transformation System is absolutely awesome and truly has changed my life! I needed the resources and structure to follow otherwise I always found an excuse to vary from my plan and goals. The custom meal plans, coaching calls and nutritional videos proved beyond helpful! And, the Facebook group allows everyone to communicate, share their obstacles and successes all while you work towards a better, leaner and healthier you!
Coming on week 7 of the program and I never could have imagined I would be this close to my goal weight already. I Wish I would have enrolled in The Biohack The Fat Body Transformation System after coming across it 1.5 years ago. From the start you can tell Trevor Folgering and his Biohacking Coaches put their heart and soul into this program and that’s why everyone is successful. Don’t wait, you won’t regret it!"

Chris Weber

I highly recommend the Biohack The Fat Body Transformation System for anyone who has tried everything to lose weight with little success. If you want to see real results in record time, this lifestyle IS what you are looking for! The BioHacking Coaches are truly amazing coaches that will help you get answers to your questions and get you on track. This was the best investment in the serious transformation of my health that I have ever made. I now feel like I have the energy that I had when I was younger, and the inflammation and mounting health issues that concerned me most are reversing themselves. The greatest thing about this system is it keeps you accountable to your goals and the others in the program are all very supportive and encouraging. The twelve weeks go by very fast, and you feel so rejuvenated that you will want to keep it going; and you will have the tools to do it for life!  It's time for you to get Biohacked, and you will discover the journey that will help you become the best version of yourself!
I was lucky enough to be able to enroll in The BioHack The Fat Body Transformation System. I was ready to begin this program as I was tired of being at my heaviest weight. The meal plans that were laid out for me were easy to follow and the ingredients were super easy to find. There was nothing complicated about the meals. After about 2 weeks of following the meal plans and not working out at all, besides walking my dog, I had dropped 15 pounds! This was amazing because over the past 3 years I had such a hard time losing weight! I started at 220lbs and was done to 205lbs in 2 weeks! I had not been that close to 200lbs in over 3 years. This gave me the confidence to keep going with the program and after 3 months I lost a total of 35lbs. My belly fat was considerably less noticeable and I had tons of energy throughout the day.  I definitely recommend The BioHack The Fat Body Transformation System if you're serious about losing weight. Thank you to Trevor my Biohacking Coach!

Conor Doherty

When I was growing up there was always an abundance of sweets and desserts. As I got older and got to decide for myself how much and how often I ate, I developed what I believe to be a severe addiction. Most of the time I could keep it under control, but as I entered adulthood that addiction soon took over, leading to a weight gain of over 100 pounds from age 23 to age 40. (From 158 to 264.)
Finally, I had enough and decided to do something about it. At age 41, I decided to enroll in The Biohack The Fat Body Transformation System. With the support and help of my Biohacking Coach, I was able to change my eating habits, and have lost 30 pounds in just 12 weeks. I have had no sugar the entire time, something I believed was impossible before I started. I now have the confidence that with my Biohacking coaches help I will be able to cut another 30 lbs, leaving me with only 40 to go. It is possible and I highly recommend getting started in The BioHack The Fat Body Transformation System

David Field

I had such an amazing Journey in this system! A big Thank you to my Biohacking coach, Trevor Folgering for the support and education, it has been life changing for me. You are Great at what you do!
My first goal was to get my level of 10+ pain managed, check!
My second goal was to get my excessive heartburn managed, check!
My third goal was to Sleep thru the night again, check!
I also was hoping to shed a few pounds, check! 30 lbs in total!
Extra Bonus here, my Blood Pressure is now consistently under 120's over 70's, which I have not seen for more than a decade!
I already feel 10 years younger, rested, energized, and feeling so much better.
Again, thank you Trevor!
I am humbly and excessively grateful!

Patrick Gaunt

I am a 43 year old father of 3 and since I have started in Biohack The Fat Body Transformation System I have lost 30 lbs. and can FINALLY see all of my abs and now have a six pack for the first time in my life. The best thing about The System is being able to reach the therapeutic ketosis level, which has helped with my pain to where it's almost non-existent! The meal plans that I get are delicious and I really enjoy the foods that I am eating on a daily basis. I am never bored of the meals and never have cravings!

Alan Cook

Hello my name is Brad I have been a Bio Hacker for 12weeks now and my results are mind blowing!!!! When I started the program my weight was 262 and it hurt to walk up stairs! Fast forward to my 12th week in Biohack The Fat Body Transformation System and I am at 200 pounds. I have lost 62 lbs. In only 12 weeks! Now I have way more energy then I ever had before and my body feels like I am 20 years old again. The meal plans are great!! My BioHacking Coach, is awesome and he is always there to answer questions or to change my meal plan.

Brad Hyde

When I first spoke to my Biohacking Coach about the Biohack The Fat Body Transformation System I just needed a jumpstart. He encouraged me to accept the program in it's entirety, which I did. Over the next few months I got expertise guidance in the science and techniques of the program wich gave me instant and sustainable success. Currently I'm down approximately 40 pounds from when I started but it's more of a lifestyle transformation that I experienced. 
I want to thank my Biohacking coach for his enthusiasm and expert advice!

Rob Pederson

Thanks to The Biohack The Fat Body Transformation System and Trevor Folgering, I now have my body burning my own body fat. I am down 25 lbs down from where I have started and it doesn't feel like I am starving or suffering through it. It feels natural to eat these way and I do not get cravings anymore. I would highly recommend The Biohack The Fat Body Transformation System if you are looking to lose weight and get rid of your beer belly.

Dave Dubeau

I tried I have started the Biohack The Fat Body Transformation System with Trevor and although it is just in the early stages I am very happy. The meal plans are easy to follow and the knowledge offered takes the guessing out if YOU ARE DOING IT RIGHT" all by yourself!!! Its awesome to have the follow up calls and questions because there will be lots of them as you figure out how to retrain your body. I would highly recommend anyone who is on the fence to Humpty Dumpty their way off and start TODAY!!!

Devon Crawford

I decided to join the Biohack The Fat Body Transformation System because I needed to lose weight and wanted to look better. Trevor Folgering was not only there for me as a coach, but as a friend as well. He was able to help me lose 25 lbs. in three months and I have so much more confidence in myself. I really appreciated the coaching calls and meal plan changes. I wouldn't be where I am today without the help of Trevor and the Biohack The Fat Body Transformation System. I highly recommend Trevor and The Biohack The Fat Body Transformation System.

David Dozorec

Frequently Asked Questions

I have tried EVERYTHING! How is your program different?

The Biohack The Fat Transformation System is very unique as we focus in on HORMONE regulation to help you lose weight quickly, easily and safely. You will be given meal plans that match your internal biology, so you get healthy on the inside, and will never need to "diet" in order to lose your stubborn belly fat. 

How much weight can I expect to lose?

Many of our clients have achieved a weight loss of 40-60 lbs. in 3 months. Results can vary, as everyone's internal biology is slightly different, however every client that has gone through our system has lost a minimum of 25 lbs. of body fat.

What is the meal plan?

The meal plans are tailored to your unique biology. You will NOT get a cookie cutter type of meal plan. You will be asked to take 2 biological assessments, which will determine the structure of your meal plan. You get up to 6-12 personalized meal plans which will have the foods that you love to eat. All of our clients enjoy their meal plans so much that they stick with the meal plans long after they have completed the program. 

What about supplements?

Our system is based around whole natural foods that you can purchase at your local grocery store. You DO NOT have to purchase any supplements or diet pills. 

Is fitness or exercise mandatory?

Exercise is recommended but NOT mandatory. In fact, many of our clients lost weight WITHOUT even doing a single exercise session. We do recommend you get out and walk for 20-30 minutes a day, which will help drive the body into a fat-burning state, but it is not required in the program.

Is there anything else I have to purchase?

You will need to purchase a blood glucose/ketone monitor - which can be picked up at your local pharmacy and is very inexpensive to purchase. 

Have Additional Questions About Biohack The Fat Body Transformation System? 

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