Attention Men Over 40: Biohack Your Way to Weight Loss: No Gyms, No Diets, Just Science-Backed Hormonal Balance for Men Over 40.

Unlock the Secret to Weight Loss After 40: It's Not Just Calories, It's Hormones. Discover How Balancing Your Hormones Can Transform Your Body.


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Regulate Your Hormones with 'Biohack The Fat': The Game-Changing Weight Loss Blueprint for Men Over 40. Dive into the Video Below!

Men over 40, revolutionize weight loss with our Biohack The Fat system. No more fruitless diets or grueling workouts. 

Target key hormones like Insulin and Leptin to boost your metabolism, shed stubborn fat, and enhance health naturally. 

Ready for a sleeker physique and renewed energy? Embrace our life-changing method and start your journey to peak wellness. Your blueprint for success is just a step away!

Battle Against Weight After 40? It's Not Just Fat You're Fighting

  • ​Drained of energy?
  • Overwhelming food cravings?
  • ​Restless nights?
  • ​Worrisome cholesterol and blood pressure levels?
  • ​Concerns with Type 2 Diabetes or insulin resistance?
  • ​Rising blood sugar levels?

These aren't mere setbacks. They signal a deeper battle: Hormonal Imbalance.

Introducing 'Biohack The Fat' - A Revolutionary Approach to Weight Loss

We delve deep into the core - regulating the four key hormones of metabolism: Insulin, Glucagon, Leptin, and Ghrelin. Our unique system doesn't just fight symptoms; it strikes at the root. Experience the Transformation!

  •  Effortlessly control your appetite.
  • ​Reenergize with renewed vitality.
  • Enjoy deep, restorative sleep.
  • ​Watch stubborn fat vanish, unveiling a leaner, vibrant you.
  • ​Gain mental clarity and focus.
  • ​Observe health concerns recede as your well-being flourishes.

Join 'Biohack The Fat' - Where weight loss is just the beginning of your rejuvenation!

Discover the Unmatched Power of Biohack The Fat: Transforming Weight Loss for Men Over 40 

Wondering how Biohack The Fat is revolutionizing weight loss? Discover in our exclusive video, where we break down our unique, science-backed approach. We're not just another program; we're a movement dedicated to helping men over 40 reclaim their vitality by mastering their hormonal balance.
Take the leap. Harness the power of these four hormones and transform your life. 

Join Biohack The Fat and embark on a journey to a healthier, more vibrant you!

Real People - Real Biohack The Fat Results...

Achieve Weight Loss After 40 with our Biohack The Fat System: Expect a total weight loss anywhere from 30-60 lbs. in just 3 months.

Mason Lost 48 Lbs. Of Body Fat and Learned How To Fuel His Body For Life Long Results! 

Meet Mason, a shining example of successful weight loss for men over 40. 

Struggling with stubborn weight gain, he discovered Biohack The Fat, a system designed to regulate hormones for effortless weight loss after 40. 

Embracing this unique approach, Mason lost an impressive 48 lbs in just three months. Not only did he shed the unwanted weight, but he also regained energy and vitality. 

His story stands as a testament to the efficacy of Biohack The Fat in managing weight, highlighting its potential for all men over 40 striving to reclaim their health.

Richard Mesterheide Lost 30 lbs. in 3 months And Dramatically Improved His Health! 

Let's talk about Richard, a truly inspiring instance of weight loss for men over 40. Weighed down by excess pounds, his confidence was at a low, and injuries were a frequent occurrence. 

However, things started to change when he embarked on the Biohack The Fat journey. This system, focusing on regulating hormones, facilitated an effortless weight loss of 30 lbs. after 40. 

But it wasn't just the scale that showed the difference. Richard's newfound confidence, absence of injuries, and the ability to run 5k Spartan races with ease painted a compelling picture of transformation. His success illuminates the potential of Biohack The Fat, proving it's never too late to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

Bryan Moriarty lost 32 lbs in 3 months! 
232 to 199 pounds!

Meet Bryan, a compelling testament to the effectiveness of weight loss for men over 40. 

Bryan found himself on the wrong side of the scale, carrying an extra 32 lbs. 

This was until he discovered Biohack The Fat. This unique system, designed to regulate hormones, empowered him to shed his excess weight effortlessly after 40. Bryan's life was transformed - 32 lbs. lighter and brimming with vitality, he's a shining example of how Biohack The Fat can catalyze remarkable weight loss for men over 40. 

His journey inspires and reassures that turning 40 is not the end, but perhaps the beginning of a healthier chapter

Nick Kodellas Lost 28 lbs. in 3 months!

Nick, yet another success story, gives hope to all those seeking weight loss for men over 40. Carrying an extra 28 lbs, Nick struggled with his wardrobe, unable to fit into clothes he had not worn in over a decade. 

Enter Biohack The Fat. This powerful program focuses on hormone regulation, allowing effortless weight loss for men over 40. 

After losing a significant 28 lbs, Nick has not only reclaimed his wardrobe but also his fitness. His regular runs and an impressive 5km road race finish in just 26 minutes are testament to the transformative power of Biohack The Fat. His journey inspires and assures that weight loss for men over 40 is achievable and life-changing.

Introducing The Biohack The Fat Weight Loss System!

If you're a man over 40 seeking weight loss based on solid science, not fluff, look no further. Our Biohack the Fat system offers one-on-one weekly coaching, ensuring you stay on track and accountable to your personalized meal plans. Explore what it means to become a Biohacker in our system and kickstart your journey to a leaner, healthier you.

Phase 3

Biological Assessments

Before starting you will be completing two biological assessments with your coach, so we can assess what is happening at the cellular level of your body. This will determine the starting point for your first Biohacking Meal Plan. 
Phase 2

Personalized Tailored Meal Plans

Our Biohacking coaches will create 6-12 scientifically based meal plans that are tailored for your own unique metabolism and biology. In addition these meal plans are created with your food preferences in mind. 
Phase 1

Weekly Coaching Meetings

Your Biohacking coach will be meeting with you weekly to go through the meal plans and make the changes necessary to initiate a deeper fat-burning response. Meal Plans are changed based on what phase you are in within the system.

Biohacking Membership Portal 

You will get access to our Biohacking membership portal where world-class health and weight loss coaching to give you the maximum weight loss and health results within our 3-month Biohacking System.  

Online Members Community

Become part of our Biohacking online family, where you will be able to get coaching, encouragement and accountability in a safe and nurturing environment. Get the support you need. 

"Coach In Your Pocket"

Get 24-Hour Support through our client-only text support system. Text your Biohacking coach any time if you have questions, need support/coaching or need that extra accountability to stay on track with your personalized meal plans. 

The 3-Phase Biohacking System For Incredible Weight Loss Success

Our system, specifically crafted for weight loss in men over 40, harnesses the science to maximize the amount of body fat your body can use for energy within just 3 months. Guided by our specialized 3-Phase System, we'll help you tap into your body's natural fat-burning metabolism. Each phase is designed with a distinct purpose to ensure easy and effective body fat loss for men over 40.

Phase 1

Phase 1

Biohacking Glucose Levels

In Phase 1, you will receive customized meal plans, carefully crafted to suit your individual biology,  and taste preferences.
These plans are designed to lower glucose levels in your bloodstream, enabling your body to efficiently utilize stored body fat as an energy source. By focusing on nutrient-dense, low-glycemic foods, these meal plans not only promote weight loss but also enhance overall health.
Phase 2

Phase 2

Biohacking Your Hormones

Insulin plays a key role in Phase 2, which focuses on hormone regulation for optimal results. By following specific meal plans, you can increase your body's fat-burning potential and suppress fat-storing hormones, such as insulin. 

The meal plans in this phase are designed to enhance the secretion of glucagon, which is the primary hormone responsible fat breakdown in your body. 
Phase 3

Phase 3

Advanced Biohacking Protocols

Phase 3 involves implementing advanced nutritional protocols to optimize your weight loss journey. As your body transitions to using stored fat for energy, these cutting-edge strategies are introduced to enhance and expedite the process. By incorporating these protocols, you'll experience more rapid and efficient weight loss results, while maintaining a healthy and sustainable approach to achieving your wellness goals.

Unveiling Success: Men Over 40 Share Their Incredible Biohack The Fat Weight Loss Journeys!

Allan Grace
Trevor Folgering - Lost 42 lbs. of Body Fat in 3 Months!
Since 2015, I've been devoted to a transformative approach addressing weight loss for men over 40. Embracing this lifestyle, I witnessed a drastic improvement in my appearance and energy levels. I initially shed 42 pounds in just 3 months, and continued to lose fat thereafter, eventually attaining a lean 7 percent body fat. I've been able to maintain this level for over six years, a testament to the effectiveness of Biohack The Fat. I'm living proof that our nutritional protocols aren't just a "diet," but a sustainable lifestyle that can facilitate weight loss for men over 40, supporting them in maintaining a healthy body long-term.
Trevor Folgering

Trevor Folgering

Allan Grace
Allan GraceLost 50 Lbs. Of Body Fat!
The Biohack The Fat Body Transformation System is Comprehensive and personalized. There is a lot of misinformation when it comes to losing body fat. Before I started I had a very tough time losing weight and tried countless different methods with no success. The Biohacking coaches make sure that you get the right tools and information to ensure you lose body fat quickly. The Biohacking Coaches are personally committed to helping you achieve long term sustainable weight loss success. I would recommend the Biohack The Fat Body Transformation System to anyone who would like to lose body fat without hesitation.
Allan Grace

Allan Grace

Allan Grace
Marcel Blais - Lost 35 Lbs. Of Body Fat In Only 12 Weeks!
I'm elated! I completed the Biohack The Fat Body Transformation System and lost a total of 35 lbs and 10 inches in total. My belly fat totally shrunk! Before I started in the Biohack The Fat Body Transformation System, I googled Trevor Folgering to see how real this was. I am so glad I decided to jump on this opportunity to get my body back to a nice shape. Trevor and the BioHacking coaches are helping me with meal plans, what to buy, how to prepare it, basically they're making it easy for me to follow. I get daily coaching and support from my Biohacking coach and the others members that are in the BioHack The Fat Body Transformation System. Thank you to Trevor and the entire BioHacking Team!
Marcel Blais

Marcel Blais

Allan Grace
Jose Guillemot - Lost 36 Lbs. Of Body Fat In Only 12 Weeks!
Three months ago, I decided to take the plunge and join the Biohack The Fat Weight Loss System. I was tired of feeling sluggish and uncomfortable in my own skin. The results have been phenomenal. I've lost an impressive 36 pounds in just three months. I've noticed a surge in my energy levels that stays consistent throughout the day. No more afternoon slumps or reliance on caffeine. It's a complete transformation from how I used to feel. The meal plans offered are not just practical and simple to follow, they're also delicious. If you're serious about losing that stubborn belly fat, I cannot recommend Biohack The Fat Weight Loss System enough. I'm a living testament to the effectiveness of this system.
Marcel Blais

Jose Guillemot

Allan Grace
Alan Cook - Lost 30 Lbs And Saw His Six Pack For The First Time!
I am a 43 year old father of 3 and since I have started in Biohack The Fat Body Transformation System I have lost 30 lbs. and can FINALLY see all of my abs and now have a six pack for the first time in my life. The best thing about The System is being able to reach the therapeutic ketosis level, which has helped with my pain to where it's almost non-existent! The meal plans that I get are delicious and I really enjoy the foods that I am eating on a daily basis. I am never bored of the meals and never have cravings!
Marcel Blais

Alan Cook

Allan Grace
Wayne Kause - Lost 40 lbs And 18 Inches Off His Body!
The Biohack The Fat Body Transformation System was very easy to follow, I had a great coach who helped me understand, not only the program, but helping me understand how my body works to process the foods that I put inside of me. She gave me great meal plans to follow & never a day did I go hungry. In the 12 week program I was able to shed 40 lbs & 18” off of my body. Never in a million years did I think this was achievable. The best part was that I really didn’t even need to workout to get these results. For the first week, I committed about 45 minutes each morning to workout after that I really did no rigorous exercise at all.

Wayne Kause

Wayne Kause

Marcel Blais
Sanjit Singh - Lost 40 lbs. of Body Fat and Changed his Life!
Let me start by saying that I lost 40 pounds in the 12 weeks program!! Truly a life changing experience and my only hope is that more and more people get exposed to Trevor's coaching techniques and meal plans. Trevor is always committed to his art and is very responsive. He also ensured that I understood the science behind his approach and the structured approach to the program (weekly videos, coaching sessions, progression in meal plans) was extremely beneficial. I have become a biohacker for life and would highly recommend people that are on the fence to jump in and try it out. You will be thankful that you did!
Sanjit Singh

Sanjit Singh

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Unlock Your Future: Three Choices for Men Over 40 - Retreat, Remain, or Transform with Proven Weight Loss

Option 1: Stay Static and Risk Reversal

Don't let this moment slip away! You could close this page, continue as usual, and see your health and weight challenges worsen. But that's not the future we envision for you. Don't fall into the trap of thinking it's too late or that transformation is out of reach. This is your turning point. Reject the notion of 'settling' and embrace the opportunity for real change. Your journey to health and weight loss success starts now. Choose progress. Choose Biohack The Fat.

Option 1: Do NOTHING and go backwards 

You can leave this page and not do anything, and in a few months realize that your health and body have gotten worse! This is NOT something we want to happen to you at all! It is the easiest thing to think that this isn’t for you, or you can’t accomplish these types of weight loss and health goals and not do anything at all. DON'T CHOOSE THIS OPTION!

Option 2: Stand Still at Your Own Risk

In the life of a man over 40, stagnation is a risky bet. Comfortably coasting along with your health and body might feel safe now, but what about the moment of harsh realization? That day when it becomes clear that neglect has paved the way for a looming health crisis? Don't wait for a wake-up call that's too late. Act now, because your journey to weight loss and wellness beyond 40 doesn't have to be a relentless struggle.

Option 2: Do NOTHING and if your lucky stay the same

This is not a good place to be! You’re not making any progress, and you just stay the same for months and years, feeling content about where you’re at with your health and body… until one day you wake up and realize that you’ve been neglectful and need to make a change before you suffer a major health crisis!

Option 3: Embrace the Transformation Today

For men over 40, the time for change isn't just necessary, it's imperative. Say goodbye to feeling subpar and putting off what matters most. You've witnessed the remarkable transformations achieved through our Biohacking system, tailor-made for your unique challenges in weight loss after 40. Now is your moment to commit to a life-altering journey. If you're ready to take this step, don't wait another second. Click below and embark on the path to a revitalized you!

Option 3: Make The Change Today and Change Your Body and Life!

Understand that you need to make a change TODAY! You’re tired of living and feeling this way and know that you NEED to act right now. You know that you can get amazing results using our Biohacking system and you’re ready to commit fully to the process. If that’s you then click the button below AND GET STARTED!


Trevor Folgering is a pioneer in the weight loss and nutrition industry, specifically focusing on weight loss for men over 40.

For over 25 years, Trevor has tirelessly sought the truth when it comes to efficient and healthy body fat loss, particularly for men in their 40s and beyond.

Unlocking the secrets of how our bodies utilize body fat, Trevor developed innovative nutritional protocols that enabled him to tap into his own body fat stores and lose 40 lbs. of body fat in a remarkably short period of time.

He achieved this incredible transformation without the need for a low-calorie diet or food restrictions.

Trevor now dedicates himself to helping men over 40 achieve the body and health they truly deserve through the science of Biohacking, focusing on weight loss for men over 40.

As the CEO of Biohack The Fat, he leads a global online health and body transformation company.

His mission is twofold: To shift the weight loss industry's paradigm and re-educate the world about the proper methodologies of losing excess body fat correctly.

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